How We Began—and Where We’re Going

  • We were founded in 2007, the result of an inspired collaboration between Cardinal Edward Egan and Secretary of Education Dr. Catherine Hickey.

    We renovated a school building in Greenwich Village around the corner from New York University and Washington Square. We took advantage of the building’s big windows and high ceilings, creating a space that feels warm, bright, and welcoming. As we grew, our students, teachers, and parents enlivened every corner of our facility—ten classrooms, a beautiful assembly hall, a dining hall, an art studio, a science lab, and a rooftop playground.

    Under the leadership of the founding Head of School, Angela Coombs, the Academy attracted an outstanding faculty; developed intentional, flexible curricula; and cultivated a generous, high-spirited community.

    Today we’re rooted in strong values—and responsive to new needs. Every year—every day!—we find new ways to enrich our programs, meet the ambitions of our students, and expand our collective sense of possibility.