Nut-Free Guide

  • Parent’s Guide to Help Keep AOSJ Nut-free

    Facts about food allergies:

    • Children food allergies are on the rise with 1 in 17 children having food allergies today
    • 25% of children have their first reaction at school.
    • Peanut and tree-nut allergies tend to have the most severe reactions. These reactions can be life-threatening and require medical intervention or hospitalization.
    • Allergies can develop over time, so a child who previously was not allergic to nuts could have an allergic reaction at school.

    To provide a safe environment for our students with nut allergies, the AOSJ is a nut-aware environment. The school will make every reasonable effort to purchase nut-free products for school events. Parents are asked to avoid sending any food containing peanuts, tree nuts, and nut oils to school and school-sponsored activities. This includes food for lunches, snacks, field trips, celebrations, class projects, and birthday parties.  If your child eats a nut product for breakfast (i.e. peanut butter on toast), please make sure his or her hands are cleaned either by using wet wipes or washing with soap and water before arriving at school.