• Language Arts ProgramLanguage Arts

    The language arts program focuses on enhancing competence and confidence in speaking, listening, reading and writing. The children are exposed to a wide range of literary genres. Books are shared cross- curriculum so that children make the connection between the spoken and written word. Children are exposed to rich vocabulary and are provided an abundance of opportunities to experiment with reading and writing in order to become confident, independent readers and writers. Students explore writing through many genres, such as poetry, persuasive essays, narratives, expository writing, creative writing and journaling. The students focus on the formal writing and drafting process to ensure a deep understanding of the craft of writing. The reading curriculum encompasses lessons in spelling, handwriting, vocabulary, and grammar. Reading is taught through phonetics and sight word instruction, as well as read alouds, choral reading, small group reading, and buddy reading. Each student has opportunities to practice public speaking, both in class and in front of the school when leading morning assembly. The Academy uses Columbia University Teachers College Reading and Writing Project as the cornerstone of the curriculum.