• Financial Aid FAQ:
    Will my application for financial assistance adversely affect my application to the School? 
    No. Enrollment decisions and applications for financial aid are considered separately.
    If I receive financial assistance one year, will I automatically receive it the following year?
    Financial aid awards are granted for one year at a time, and families must reapply annually. The Financial Aid Committee reassesses each applicant family’s needs, and awards are given based on demonstrated need.
    Are earnings the only consideration taken into account when reviewing financial aid eligibility?
    While earnings are looked at closely, we also expect a family to maximize its earning potential to contribute as much as possible to tuition. 
    Is there a maximum amount of financial assistance that a family can receive?  
    Because we are seeking to support as many families as possible, there is typically a limit to the number of financial aid dollars that any one family can receive in a given year. 
    If we are already members of the Academy of St. Joseph community and haven't received financial assistance before, are we eligible to apply for aid?  
    Yes. We understand that financial situations change.