• Extracurricular Sports Clubs and Teams
    Fall Sport: Coed Soccer
    Winter Sport: Basketball
    Spring Sports: Track, Coed Ultimate FrisbeeSports
    Track Team
    The AOSJ Athletic Department has blossomed particularly over the last few years to include a track team that began in 2015 for grades 4 through 7, complete with a roster of meets for the runners to show off their new skills, as well as cross country, basketball and soccer teams, exposing students to some of these activities for the very first time while broadening their scope of fitness and paving the way for healthier futures.
    Rising New York Road Runners (NYRR)
    Rising New York Road Runners, a program offered by the NYRR, is a new youth program and events platform designed to develop movement skills in children through a mix of running and fitness activities. The program was developed to help children build confidence, motivation, and a desire to be physically active for life. The NYRR curriculum is based on the latest athletic research, and on the concepts of physical literacy and long-term athlete development. 
    Family Sports Trips
    AOSJ’s PE Department also partakes in weekend events that are open to the entire family, including the annual Ski Trip to the Catskills, and participation in 5K runs such as the Run for the Wild 5K Family Fun Run in the Bronx Zoo.