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Angel Coombs


Education Begins in Possibility

A Message from Our Head of School

If I could show you only one thing about the Academy of St. Joseph, it would be Morning Assembly.

Twice a week, the entire Academy community, including many parents, starts the day with Morning Assembly. The adults share hellos while the students get settled. Some students, the leaders for the day, check their notes and finalize their preparations. Then they lead the community through announcements, performances, and presentations.

It takes only 15 or 20 minutes, yet it captures so much of what makes the Academy special.

You see the strength and the spirit of the community. Parents, faculty, staff, and students—we all show up for one another.

You see students learning how to lead in a safe, supportive space where everyone wants them to succeed. You see students learning how to listen closely to one another, how to respect one another’s stories, and how to celebrate one another’s talents. You see a school with a shared sense of purpose. 

We always leave Morning Assembly feeling energized, focused, and alive with possibility.

Is Morning Assembly the only thing you need to know about the Academy? No, there’s so much more to know! But, like the school itself, it’s a great beginning.

Angela Coombs, Head of School