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Upper School

Ready for the Future

In our Upper School, we help students refine what they’ve learned in their first years of schooling, deepen their understanding of themselves, and broaden their engagement with the community. Mentored by expert teachers, guided by our curriculum, and supported by their peers, they explore new interests, test themselves in new ways, and appreciate the value of learning from experience. In and out of class, they practice self-advocacy, embrace critical thinking, and develop essential social-emotional skills.

When our graduates enter high school, they’re confident and compassionate, adventurous and ambitious, grounded and grateful.

Project-Based Learning

One of our most popular—and powerful—teaching methods in the Upper School is project-based learning. Throughout the year, students explore ideas and questions by completing hands-on projects. They learn to work in teams, communicate effectively, manage their time, take responsibility for their own work and for the work of the group, and go through the process that successful scholars and scientists use: research, experiment, revise, and refine.

In their last trimester, students choose a project that will serve as the culmination of their work. They research a theme—immigration, urban green spaces, the history of music in New York—develop a portfolio, and present their work during an all-school exhibition day.


AOSJ Voices

“My favorite class is math. It’s challenging, it’s fun, and we’re always learning new skills and strategies. Our teacher is so energetic, and he loves math so much—so we learn to love it too.”

- Lyla, Class of 2024