Our Virtual Academy

  • NOTE: This page documents our Spring 2020 remote learning plans. The Academy is operating fully in person for the 2021-2022 school year. 


    The Academy of St. Joseph’s successful whole child-focused Virtual Academy allows students to “go to school” from home. As a small, deeply connected community, we knew that we needed to replicate this atmosphere when we moved to remote learning. 

  • Hallmarks of our Virtual Academy include:

    • A Student to Teacher ratio of 8:1
    • Multiple daily live sessions in core academic subjects
    • Daily live sessions for special area classes (Spanish, Physical Education, Art, Music, and Technology)
    • Twice weekly student-led All School Assembly 
    • Regular communication and feedback on student progress
    • Daily student support sessions
    • Daily parent check-in sessions
    • Weekly town hall meetings
    • Parent surveys to support data-driven decision making 
    • A balanced approach to synchronous and asynchronous learning 
    • A clear, consistent structure


    Video: Mr. T's Music class in progress

  • The community response to our Virtual Academy has been enthusiastic and supportive. By remaining flexible and adapting to the specific needs of our community we have developed a Virtual Academy that works for us. Our parents can explain it best! 

    In a recent parent survey, when asked what is working well our parents said:

    • “Being able to reach out to the teacher and ask questions when they are stuck with some homework or classwork.”
    • “The right balance of live and recorded classes.”
    • “Everything has been great. The kids love it.”
    • “He really likes having so much autonomy during the day. He can handle all the tech himself, and this has been a nice way for him to be more self-directed in his learning.”
    • “What is working well is that we have been able to figure out a schedule and routine. We have been able to get the kids to take ownership of their work and work independently. The teachers have been extremely supportive. Early on, the expectations on what needs to get done have been set. Our day starts around 8 am and we usually wrap up by 2:30 pm.”
    • “The recorded lessons are great so we can watch it over and over if there are questions.”
    • “Clarity and consistency.”
    • “They really look forward to their Zoom calls and enjoy interactive learning using their whiteboards or sharing items from home.”
    • “The software is all really well done, and the teachers obviously care about their learning.”
    • “Well organized, expectations are clear, they like seeing and engaging with their classmates every day.”

    In the same parent survey we asked parents if there is anything else they would like us to know:

    • “We are very appreciative of the efforts teachers and administrators have put into online learning.  The kids are able to feel very independent, largely because they are not forced to learn independently.   They need and appreciate the teacher-led guidance they receive and really value time with their classmates.   We also appreciate that homework is light/manageable during this time.   The flexible Friday curriculum is also very welcome - there is a big emotional toll during this time and the kids need a bit of a break while continuing the personal interaction with their teachers and schoolmates.  We are so grateful for how well all of this has come together and for the sensitivity of the school to all aspects of this crisis and its effect on families.”
    • “Thank you, thank you, thank you AOSJ faculty and staff for all of your hard work and dedication!!”


    Have questions and would like to talk to an Academy parent? Please express your interest at admissions@aosj.us and we will be sure to connect you with a parent. Please let us know what grade your child is currently in.

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