Every Gift Makes a Difference

  • Education begins in possibility. Support from our families makes the Academy experience possible.

    We see our graduates at work in the world every day: smart, compassionate, engaged community members who define leadership on their own terms—and model it for others. Young people who are guided by compassionate hearts; who think beyond themselves; who are driven to find creative solutions.

    In the school years that matter most, the Academy is living proof that hope is real. With a big heart, a bold sense of purpose, and a belief in the promise of every student, we’re building a brighter future.

    If you’d like to give to our annual fund, or if you have questions about giving to the Academy, please contact Angela Coombs, Head of School, at acoombs@aosj.us or 212.243.5420. Thank you!

  • AOSJ VoicesSupport“My three children have their own learning styles, their own talents and passions. They’re all getting a rigorous education, but they’re getting it in a way that recognizes their strengths and challenges and sees them for who they are.”

    - Carla Teodoro Sylofski, P'24, '26, '30