School Motto & Pledge

  • "Some seek knowledge for the sake of knowledge: that is curiosity; others seek knowledge that they themselves be known: that is vanity; but there are still others who seek knowledge in order to serve and edify others, and that is charity."  
    -- St. Bernard of Clairvaux

    School Motto

    Character   Competence   Compassion

    The motto of the Academy of St. Joseph reflects the qualities and characteristics which are at the core of our mission.  We seek to foster character, competence, and compassion in every student.  Our goal is to provide an environment in which every child can experience the joy and the love of learning and knowledge for the enrichment of themselves and of others.  We lead by example and teach our students to exceed all expectations as together, "We will not rest until our good becomes better and our better best."

    School Pledge

    The Academy of St. Joseph is a community
    growing in character, competence, and compassion.
    We live this out by showing respect to all people,
    by being responsible for our actions,
    by showing reverence, and
    by making right choices.

    We begin this today.

Motto & Pledge