• "The subject of education is the student."
    -- Anonymous

    Our Philosophy

    The Academy of St. Joseph uses the standards of the state of New York as the academic foundation of our program, to ensure core skills and competencies are met. Building from this foundation, our students are challenged through a rigorous and enriched curriculum to become critical thinkers and collaborative problem-solvers.
    The curriculum is deepened with an emphasis on the humanities. Spanish is taught daily to all students. All students also receive instruction in Art, Music, and Physical Education. Students receive weekly instruction in Library Science, Technology, Chess, and Choir. Upper School students have the opportunity to participate in an elective block, which allows them to explore their interests.
    The learning environment created by this enriched curriculum fosters opportunities for students to ask questions, to explore their thinking, to take risks and to make informed decisions. Students are involved in class projects that support their development as confident, competent, and collaborative learners. Opportunities for hands-on exploration and real-life application allow students to extend and apply their knowledge beyond the classroom.
    All learning experiences allow students to develop skills that are foundational for lifelong learning, well-being, and social development.  It is understood that all learning experiences should be challenging and engaging with the purpose of building confidence, a love for learning, a thirst for knowledge and wisdom, and a strong foundation for the future intellectual, physical and social development of our students.

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