The Academy of St. Joseph offers students an exceptional physical education experience that complements the Academy’s core beliefs and enhances our students’ overall education.
    In partnership with Coach George Guerin, our PE program exposes students to a variety of athletic and fitness pursuits that may pave the way for a lifetime of prioritizing physical activity. The lessons, which take the whole child into account, are framed within the competencies of Leadership, Team Building and Individual Accountability.
    The PE program’s inclusive curriculum features conditioning, movement patterns, focus, sports skills, team building, leadership and problem solving. 
    Sports @ AOSJ
    Offered twice a week to students in all grades, the PE program is broken into units like endurance, tumbling, strength, jumping and bounding, as well as specific sports like soccer, hockey, basketball and volleyball. Specific emphasis is placed on cooperation and teamwork. The students have also recently been introduced to parkour, an obstacle course that the students must navigate using pads, tumbling and jumping off trampolines. 
    Chelsea Piers
    AOSJ has partnered with Chelsea Piers to provide students access to premier sports facilities and equipment as a supplement our in-house program. Twice a month, students are taken by bus to the Chelsea Piers Field House to hone their skills on real fields and courts, the climbing wall and the ice skating rink. 
    Each Spring AOSJ students participate in a wildly popular geocaching in Washington Square Park, a fast-paced GPS-assisted urban 'treasure' hunt adventure.
    Weekend Outdoor Retreat
    At the end of the academic year, students in 5th grade embark on a weekend adventure of outdoor activities and games, including a high ropes course at the Princeton- Blairstown Center. 
    Extracurricular Sports Clubs and Teams
    Track Team
    The AOSJ Athletic Department has blossomed particularly over the last few years to include a track team that began in 2015 for grades 4 through 7, complete with a roster of meets for the runners to show off their new skills, as well as cross country, basketball and soccer teams, exposing students to some of these activities for the very first time while broadening their scope of fitness and paving the way for healthier futures.
    Family Sports Trips
    AOSJ’s PE Department also partakes in weekend events that are open to the entire family, including the annual Ski Trip to the Catskills, and participation in 5K runs such as the Run for the Wild 5K Family Fun Run in the Bronx Zoo.