• Upper School     


    Upper School is a special place where students refine the things they have learned in Lower School and prepare themselves for the transition to high school. Upper School students have needs that are unique to this important time in their life, and the Academy strives to address all of their needs both academic, social-emotional, and otherwise so that when the time for high school comes they are equipped to persevere and excel. The Upper School is guided by the following philosophies and educational principles:

    • Students develop at different paces and in different ways. They must learn to advocate for themselves when help is needed and to challenge themselves to go beyond what is expected.
    • Students thrive in learning environments that are engaging, caring, cross-curricular and challenging. As others invest in you, so must you invest in yourself. Ownership and responsibility for classwork, schoolwork, and personal choices guide daily life.
    • An effective curriculum is interdisciplinary with an emphasis on experiential learning, providing continual opportunities for critical thinking, research, investigation, analysis, and discussion. A balance must be struck to support the social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development of all students.
    • Social-emotional intelligence is essential for future life success, thus students will be supported, as they grow further in character, competence, and compassion. Good manners, social grace, etiquette and respect for self and all others are daily practices. Service to others and self-care are part of this equation.


    Sample Upper School Newsletter