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To order school uniforms, follow these steps:

• Visit Lands End School Uniform Site and click on “Find Your School’s Dress Code”
• Enter your student and school information in the search fields (Gender, Grade/Status, School Name, City and State). Optional: Enter your student’s first name
• Click on “Find My School” - Any matching school selections will appear on the right; select your school
• Click “Save School” to create an account, making future shopping visits easier.
• Create or enter your account sign-in details (Enter your email address and password)
• Click “Shop For This School” - Only the items approved for that student’s grade and gender will appear
• Next Time You Shop for Uniforms: Sign in to your account and all of your uniform details are saved for faster shopping.

Uniform Guidelines

Polos and Plaids

New and gently used uniforms are for sale throughout the year. To purchase gently used uniforms, please contact the Parent Association.